Life today moves at a pace that is hard to cope with and this fast-paced life is taking a toll at people’s physical and mental health. People always took physical health seriously and found cures for it, but until a few decades ago, mental health had a stigma attached to it and for this reason and more, people were reluctant, at times scared, to even share their mental health concerns with others.However, recently things have changed for the better and people acknowledge the existence of mental health problems, share their experiences and seek help for it.

Today approximately 1.6B people are struggling with mental health issues, worldwide with 1 in 6 adults experiencing common mental health problems like anxiety, lack of focus or sleep, or even depression. With a Global Muslim Population of 1.8 billion, applying the same ratio, 300 Million Muslims are affected by mental health issues. Every individual suffering with mental health issues must be encouraged to express his concerns and must also have access to best medicine and modern therapies available.

However, as Muslims believe that it is only Allah who blesses people with health and cure, so there is a need to address these mental health issues in the light of Quran and Sunnah, in combination with the modern therapies that are available. This thought process led to the establishment of Assaquaf meditation.Assaquaf is a mindfulness & meditation for Muslims, but it’s not just another mindfulness & meditation. Assaquaf is about providing one stop solution for various mental health issues, this specific niche (Muslims) goes through. It is based on the ancient concept of Muraqabah.Assaquaf has created solutions that are a mixture of modern mindfulness techniques, mixed with Quran, Hadith & Islamic Literature with the help of Islamic Scholars & Life Coaches.

Assaquaf meditation includes Reduce stress, Control your emotions, Forgiveness By Allah, Thawakkal Alallah , Recharge your soul, He heals broken heart,Meditation through Thaubah, Healing your illness, Solution spark, Ground yourself, Our losses and Sabar, Regular meditation, Regression therapy, Cord cutting, Recreate your internal world, Higher self-therapy, Subconscious planning, Top performance.