Manshar group was established in 2008 under the tutelage of Sayyid Umar Assaquaf. The group was found to uplift the lives of children and the society at large through various academic development and social interventions. As education is the most important of the ways to influence the next generation of the world, and shape it, it was only natural that the group expanded its activities and interventions mostly through academic offerings and institutes.


Established in 2018, a pre-school venture, NewBee Pre-School tries to provide top-notch foundational academic training to children. The schools are fortified with excellent academic and recreational infrastructure to shape the mind and body of the children. This prepares the children for better education in the later years of life. We have also introduced the franchise model for the same and it was a huge success with nearly 20 schools working under the brand of NewBee Preschool. The corporate office has been set up in Bengaluru and discussions with both national and international institutes in the academic sector have been going on with the objective of establishing nearly 1000 pre-schools in the country

ILMEAZY E-Learning App

As the new age has dawned, an era of e-learning has emerged; Manshar Group has understood the importance of bringing education to Islamic Knowledge Seekers, especially during the challenging situations of the Coronavirus pandemic. This has encouraged the group to develop an e-learning app, the ILMEAZY E-Learning Application. The application uses latest technological advances and possibilities to help students have a unique, intuitive learning experience. With a variety of options to learn, revise, and improve the quality of learning, the application has been able to reshape the learning habits of students for their betterment. The application is available on Google Play Store to be downloaded and we are constantly working on the content as well as on the technical aspects of the same to make the application even better.


Manshar Academy is a comprehensive academic cluster that constitutes a variety of colleges and schools providing academic options to aspiring students. The academy includes colleges and schools with a college for paramedical science aimed to mold professionals for the world.
Further, the academic also consists of SIDRA Arabic College and IQRA Hifz School for those who want to learn Arabic and the Holy Quran more deeply and profoundly.

  • Manshar College of Paramedical Science
  • MANSHAR English Medium School
  • Manshar Feminex Zone (Women’s College)
  • SIDRA (Arabic College)
  • IQRA (Hifz School)


As we also believe in the skill development of people, we have also established MGTC Training Institute where we strive to offer well-designed and suitable training programs for people. The training programs include skill development, personality development, communication, and spiritual enrichment program aimed to ensure holistic growth of the participants. The institute has been able to deliver training programs for candidates in both India and abroad.


Despite establishing a variety of academic institutes, we have also believed that supporting the marginalized people of the society is equally important. Hence, in order to meet that particular desire of the group, we have established the Manshar Foundation which solely looks to indulge in charity and philanthropic activities. We have associated with various NGOs, brands, and government departments to actively participate in a variety of charity activities to uplift the lives of the people in the society. While we have been successful in our efforts so far, we know we have a long path ahead of us.