Born on 05 February, 1983, Sayyid Umar Assaquaf is a scholar, entrepreneur, philanthropist, spiritual coach, trainer, and life strategist. Over the last few decades, he has made a name for his spiritual-centered philanthropic and coaching activities aimed to bring constructive changes in the downtrodden of the world. He shares a unique vision of making the world a better place for everyone and he knows that it is only possible through academic enlightenment. He has been on that path to create a better world for everyone to live in and share the goodness of life.

Sayyid Umar Assaquaf also plays a plethora of roles in his widely acknowledged professional life. His career forte includes Life Transformation Program, Mind Harnessing Program, Life designing Program, Entrepreneurial Development Program, Public Speaking Training, Child Development Training Program and Diploma in Islamic Healing & Counselling Program. He has rendered a deluge of training programs in both international and national venues for acclaimed business groups, educational institutes, academic groups, Spiritual Seekers and business chains to tremendous praise and recognition.

He has a profound and extensive academic repertoire with him. He is a graduate from the reputed Sayyid Madani Arabic College, Ullal in Mangalore. In addition, he has done a variety of certificate programs in Trainers’ Training Program, Advanced Mind Mastery, Billionaire Mindset, Success Coaching & Counseling, Neuro-Linguistics Programs, Smart MD, NLP Sales Mastery, Public Speaking, Leadership, Arabic Healing, Advanced English Communication Skills, Transactional Analysis, Life Enrichment Training and Certified Business Leader. He is currently the Chairman of the Manshar Group of Institutions Comprising of Manshar Sidra (Arabic College), Manshar Iqra (Hifuzul Quran School), Manshar FeminEx Zone (Women’s Sharee-ath College), Manshar English Medium School, and Manshar College of Paramedical Science. He also discharges the duty of the Managing Director of Manshar Learning Network Pvt. Ltd. (NewBee Pre-Schools), Manshar Edu Tech Pvt. Ltd. (Ilmeazy, E-Learning App), Manshar Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., and Manshar WiseLand Pvt. Ltd. He is also the Chairman of Manshar Foundation. Sayyid Umar Assaquaf was also the Former President of SSF Karnataka State and has visited nearly 12 countries to impart Education and Training.
The long and extensive roles that he plays in a range of social avenues and pastures underline his unbound passion and love for philanthropy. He believes that it is his call for life to make the world a better place for everyone. Having lost his father when he was only seven years old, and having grown up as an orphan, he understood the pains and sufferings of orphaned people. This deeply motivated him to serve the underprivileged of the society in every way possible. Hence, he decided to dedicate his life for this cause.

The first step of this huge ambition was realized when he was able to incept an organization in 2010 at Gerukkate in Belthangadi, Karnataka with just 11 students. This experience helped him understand the need to set up even more educational institutes. The endeavors that he put in to see that vision came alive now as there are many educational institutes where there are currently over 1000 students studying.
He has dedicated his life to making the lives of thousands of poor and destitute children of the society to hand-hold them and lead them on the path towards light. Even though his life was full of challenges, he believes that he was chosen by Allah for a reason so that he can enlighten the lives of people.