Many people complain that our children do not read the book at all. There are those who say that our children do not even touch the book with their hands. We need to think about whether the connection with reading is going away, especially with the closure of schools, madrasas and tuition centres in the covid situation. Whatever subject you are studying
Since reading is important, children should be able to read in schools and at home. Reading plays a very important role in the intellectual development of children. Therefore, they should be given proper guidance on what to read at an early age and taught proper reading techniques. Those who are thus trained can make the most of the abilities of the brain and increase their intellectual capacity and knowledge. Children who are born with an interest in reading are found to be good readers all the time. Studies have shown that children who are good readers are ahead of others in learning. There can be many reasons why children are so reluctant to read. Any cause can be solved. But parents who do not know enough about the importance of reading do not pay attention to find out why their children are distracted from reading. Is it the parents at home, or the schools, who have to deal with such problems?
I can assure you that parents are responsible because. On average, they spend up to 1,000 hours a year at school and 7,800 hours at home. By the age of four, the child may have heard about 40 million words from his own home.

Let’s see how to improve reading habits for children

Mothers should read good stories aloud to their children.
There are two things to understand here.
  • Mothers should read to children. Mother’s voice is what children like the best.
  • Children like to hear stories.
Show the pictures in the books to the children and make them understand the pictures in relation to the story. Children love to see pictures.
As children grow up, they can switch from picture books to large books divided into chapters.
Teach them to love books. Keep good books, magazines and newspapers to read at home.
Find space to store two or three books in all the rooms of the house i.e. bedroom, dining hall, kitchen etc.
Make it convenient for the children to spend some time with books before going to bed.
Encourage children to choose the book they like to read.
Take them to the bookstore and give the children a chance to choose their own books.
Parents should solve distraction or problems when children reading books.